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FIC: "A Life Less Ordinary (Chapters 1-12)

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Sep. 9th, 2012 | 04:08 pm
posted by: lotusflower85 in robinsociety

Title: A Life Less Ordinary
Fandom: Robin Hood
Rating: PG-13

Characters: Outlaws, Marian, Carter, Guy, Sheriff.  Robin/Marian
Setting: Post-season 2
Spoilers: 2.13

Summary: They’d saved the King, but had they saved England? An alternate season 3 fic (wip)
Disclaimer: The title comes from the Danny Boyle film, the rest belongs to the BBC

Chapter 1:   Phoenix
Chapter 2:   Honour Among Thieves
Chapter 3:   Perdition
Chapter 4:   There But For the Grace of God 
Chapter 5:   Nip and Tuck
Chapter 6:   Said the Joker to the Thief
Chapter 7:   Someone to Count On
Chapter 8:   Regicide
Chapter 9:   Fall
Chapter 10: The Phony King of England 
Chapter 11: Getting the Band Back Together  
Chapter 12: I Think We're Going to Need a Bigger Camp

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