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Intercomm fic: Ease

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Feb. 28th, 2011 | 08:36 pm
posted by: kegel84 in robinsociety

Title: Ease
Author: kegel84
Word Count: 735
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Robin/Marian
Summary: Some things are easy... Prompt: This picture, post-1x13 AU
Disclaimer: This show belongs to BBC, not to me.

The night was quiet and it seemed odd for it to be so, the silence around him complete safe for the soft rustling of the wind in the leaves. With everything else being in uproar these past months, the quiet night seemed out of place.

Knighton lay just as silent as Robin stood under her window, there where he had stood so many times before. He was waiting for a sound now. He wasn't sure he should even go in, if he didn't hear anything. So he stood and listened, but still there was only the wind in the trees.

Then a scream sounded from the bedroom above and Robin smiled.

With experienced steps he climbed up towards the window, slowing down once he was there and sneaking in quietly.

When Marian turned around, he could see that she had expected him, wasn't surprised about his appearance despite his tiptoeing. She had the baby in her arms, which was probably the reason why there hadn't been another scream after the first.

Robin smiled again and met Marian's gaze.

“She's quiet now. She must've known you would come. She's never that quiet with me.” There was a slight complaint in Marian's, but Robin ignored as he took his daughter from her into his arms.

There were only the two of them who actually knew that it was his daughter. Edward certainly suspected, and Robin's men probably knew as well as they could, safe for him telling them in his own words.

Robin looked down at the little one in his arms and now there was once again only the soft rustling outside, as Marian tiptoed to move over to her bed, sitting down. The only thing that was wrong now was that this was Knighton, not Locksley.

It would be Locksley one day.

Things would quiet down like the bustle of the day had come to be the quietness of this night.

Robin remembered well enough the despair of that night he had spent on that hill overlooking Locksley. Marian was to marry Gisborne. They would never come to be again. Even if he, Robin, returned home, Marian would never share his home. If she would be there, then only with Gisborne, as Lady Gisborne.

The return of the king Robin had heard about only as hearsay the first few days after this. He hadn't gone far, had just visited a few of the more distant villages he knew from his youth. His nights he had spent in the forest as he had become used to. But he had been alone.

When he came back, he had learnt the truth. The one he had feared, the one he had hoped for, and the one he had not thought of. Marian had married Gisborne. The king was back and had replaced Vaizey in Nottingham. Gisborne had fled with his master and Marian was working to annul the marriage on account of him being a traitor to the king.

It had never actually been proven, but his disappearance was enough for Marian to be able to break the contract.

Still, when it became obvious that she was with child, everyone thought it was Gisborne's heir. No matter that there was nothing to inherit anymore now that Locksley had been returned to Robin. Everyone thought the child was the result of the short marriage, the one that had never taken place now by law. They didn't know that at night Marian had been on her own those few nights, just as Robin had been alone, camping in the forest.

Of course the people couldn’t know that Robin had come to Knighton the first night he had been back after the king's return. His men knew, for he had stopped by at their temporary camp only briefly.

“You can stay the night, if you want. My father... I think he knows. And he doesn't mind as much as he would pretend to.”

Robin carefully laid the child's head against his chest. “I promised Much to come back to Locksley.” He grinned. “You could come with me.”

Marian frowned. “It's going to be a bit more complicated than that.”

“Because you make it complicated,” he laughed, smiling again as he felt the warmth of the one in his arms, while the other looked at him sternly.

“Some things are easy,” he said satisfied.

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Comments {2}



from: neaptidea
date: Mar. 1st, 2011 07:15 pm (UTC)

Awww, sweet :).

The one he had feared, the one he had hoped for, and the one he had not thought of.

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from: marjattak
date: Mar. 9th, 2011 05:05 am (UTC)

Marian! Always making things complicated. Well, hopefully, they have fewer obstacles now.

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